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graphite electrode

  • Applications
    • Electrodes in electric arc furnace and ladle refining furnace for steel making;
    • Electrodes in electric smelting furnace for producing industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, corundum and so on.
  • Grades
    • Regular power (RP)
    • Impregnated (high density)
    • High power (HP)
    • Super high power (SHP)
    • Ultra high power (UHP)
  • Programmable properties
    • Good electrical conductivity.
    • High resistance to thermal shock.
    • High mechanical strength.
Sizes of Graphite Electrodes

* Due to manufacturing variables, a small percentage of electrodes may be short lengths.

All graphite electrodes are offered with tapered nipples, and meet the internationally accepted tolerances as per YB/T 4088,4089,4090 / NEMA CG1 / IEC 60239 / JIS R7201 standards.

Dimension of Truncated Cone Nipples (3TPI)

Dimension of Truncated Cone Nipples (4TPI)

Specifications of Graphite Electrodes

Specifications of Graphite Electrodes

* C.T.E. - Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Suggested Current-Carrying Capacities of Graphite Electrodes

* The operating current ranges in this table are for AC EAF only. DC EAF or LF can run at a reasonable higher current lever with the electrode.

  • Remarks
    • It is essential to select electrode carefully for each particular furnace. The primary factor is the maximum current intensity of the furnace. However, other conditions should also be considered, such as the characteristics of the furnace, type of charge, tap to tap time, oxygen blowing, mechanical requirement, furnace regulation, etc.
    • Generally, specifications for electrodes of most grades have been standardized. Variation of physical characteristics with temperature, however, should be taken into account whenever using the electrodes.
  • Precautions to the use of graphite electrodes
    • The capacities of the furnace and the ftransformer determine whether the grade and diameter of the electrode are suitable to the furnace or not.
    • In order to prevent the electrode column from being hit by the collapsed furnace loads, large and heavy scraps should be loaded onto the bottom of the furnace. Do not put significant quantity of insulating materials such as lime and so on just under the electrode column, otherwise it would be difficult to power on the electrode column, or even break it.
    • electrode column may be hurt when it moves up and down if the furnace cover is out of the position.
    • When making a connection, lost or damaged pitch plugs must be replaced.
    • The reson must be found out if a gap appears between two eletrodes after connection. The electrode column can only be loaded after the gap being eliminated.
    • The electrode column must be strictly perpendicular to the ground lever. Oblique column is not allowed during operation.
    • The holder must be placed between the two safety marks on the top electrode, otherwise the column may be broken.
    • Generally, different manufacturers may make their electrodes with different raw materials and processes, therefore the physical and chemical properites of their electrodes are usually different. Please do not fit electrodes and nipples made by different manufacturers together.
Manufactureing Processes of Graphite Electrodes


The electrodes should be packed with wooden cages.

Package Dimensions