About Us

Rongxing Group is China’s leading supplier dedicated to providing its customers with the quick quotes, superior quality products, competitive prices and fastest possible deliveries of carbon metallurgical materials and solutions. Founded in 1992 in east-central China, it develops closer customer relationships and taking on a larger role in the total supply and manufacturing chain. With over 20 years of expertise in carbon metallurgical industry, the company is committed to research & development, and providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective carbon metallurgical products and solutions.

Providing innovative carbon metallurgical products and solutions is what we strive for. Backed by over 20 years of experience of manufacturing, marketing and distributing premium carbon metallurgical products and solutions worldwide, we’re committed to providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective products and solutions.


With a first-class R&D team, we invest millions of R&D funds every year to continuously develop new products and apply new technologies.
Possessing sophisticated production lines and inspection equipments, providing diverse lines of carbon metallurgical products backed by expert R&D technical support.
The company attaches great importance to the development, accumulation and upgrading of proprietary technologies and patented technologies. It has strong equipment, process research and development capabilities and product innovation capabilities, and has a number of independent intellectual property rights. The company strictly implements international standards, industry standards, and implements total quality management. Now it has passed ISO9001 quality management system .

Production and manufacturing

Its main products are graphite electrode, electrode paste,  calcined petroleum coke, and refractory. The range of product line covers carbon materials, graphite materials, refractory and water treatment materials. The annual production capacity of graphite electrode, electrode paste, calcined coke and refractory reaches 50,000 tons, 200,000 tons, 250,000 tons and 20,000 tons respectively. The company’s corporate headquarters is currently located in the Zhengzhou.
As an experienced supplier, we now offer everything from RP, HP to UHP graphite electrode and trapezodial, oval, cylinder electrode paste in the world. Our products meet and exceed the challenges of thousands of applications, and continue to be innovated.

Our Competitive Advantages

Technical Advantages

  • Devoted to carbon and metallurgical casting materials R&D and manufacture;
  • Powerful R&D technical strength;
  • Over 20 years of carbon and metallurgical industry expertise;
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified;
  • Owns proprietary intellectual property rights;
  • Possessing sophisticated manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment;
  • Possessing advanced technics and production process;

Product advantages

  • Full range of carbon materials, graphite materials, refactories and water treatment materials products and solutions;
  • Supreme Quality system;
  • Cost-effective;

Geographical Advantages

  • Located in east-central China with highly developed transportation facilities;
  • Located in one of most populas areas in the world;
  • It’s easy to reach any big cities in the country within just 2-3 hours by high-speed rail;
  • Close to one of the country’s largest international airports with well developed logistic facilities;
  • Securing the most economical ocean & railroad freight rates for our customers

Enterprise advantages

  • China’s leading supplier in carbon and metallurgical industry with top reputation and larger market share
  • Providing its customers with the quickest quotes, best quality products, competitive prices and fastest possible deliveries
  • Providing reliable sales and service
  • Production operation and process is certified under ISO9001 quality system
  • Having a vast inventory
  • Cooperation with hundreds of professional agents to develop win-win partner relationship worldwide

Quality system

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, it possesses sophisticated manufacturing and inspection equipment, provides 100% inspection and reporting on each product delivered to its customers so you can be assured that 100% of your parts are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. The company maintains stringent quality processes and standards in the industry to ensure an effective Quality Management System, continual improvements, and excellence in customer satisfaction.

We stand for the maxims of uncompromising quality, outstanding customer service and operational dependability. We implement custom solutions with the highest flexibility and precision. Our dedicated employees, the true carbon metallurgical material experts, make Rongxing successful globally.

Rongxing holds itself to the highest quality standards that control everything from incoming raw materials to final factory production. At Rongxing, all materials are tested to ensure they meet industry standards before entering the manufacturing phase. Additionally, every Rongxing lab is ISO9001 accredited for all routine QC tests performed at each facility.

Customer satisfaction comes first at Rongxing. For instance, technical consultations, training courses, and on-site assistance are among the services offered by Rongxing to support customers. Additionally, Rongxing procedures help ensure that products comply with international norms, as monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis according to standards set by independent testing agencies.

Rongxing is committed to the production and supply of carbon metallurgical products that meet customer requirements and industry standards. Our goal is to continually improve our products, services and our quality management system by establishing and reviewing quality objectives on a consistent basis.

Overseas branches and overseas warehousing

To establish overseas offices and establish overseas warehousing; Providing warehousing, distribution and after-sales services to local customers. The scope of distribution can cover multiple countries and neighboring countries without any restrictions.
Advantages of the company’s overseas warehousing services:Low logistics costs, direct shipments from overseas to customers at lower cost; Faster delivery timelines solves the time required for complicated operation procedures such as transportation, custom clearance, which delivers faster and more efficiently. Order processing is more convenient; Providing more thoughtful technical support and after-sales service.
Promote local employment and increase fiscal revenue for the local area.
Localized purchase of raw materials; reducing costs.