Large scale application of cold rammed paste and semi graphite cathode carbon block in series of electrolytic cells

With the development of electrolytic aluminum industry and the rise of energy costs, people have higher and higher requirements for the service life and energy saving of electrolytic cells. Various new furnace building materials and new furnace building technologies are emerging. Among them, semi graphite cathode carbon block material has attracted extensive attention because of its low specific resistance and thermal expansion coefficient. Many manufacturers have done some industrial application tests and achieved obvious results.

Experience in cold rolling process and on-line quality control of semi graphite carbon block and cold island paste applied in electrolytic cell. During the one-time roasting and starting of 112 tanks, no aluminum leakage and red cathode steel bar occurred in one tank. After 20 days of startup, the average pressure drop at the bottom of the furnace is 290mv. When assembling cathode carbon block and square steel, the large-scale comparative test method was used to study the influence of different steel bar rust removal methods, tamping paste types and different binding processes on the assembly quality of carbon block.

The cold voltage drop of the carbon block assembled by the new acid pickling (adding stabilizer) rust removal and cold rolling process is about 450 ~ 500mv lower than that of the carbon block assembled by the hot rolling process and mechanical rust removal. Select“ μ Measuring the voltage drop of carbon paste group with Ω 1 “type aluminum electrolysis cathode cold resistance tester is indeed an effective method to check and control the quality of carbon paste bound cathode carbon block group.

Application of cold rammed paste and cathode carbon block


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