Use of electrode paste for ferroalloy electric furnace

1. Choose according to your needs

At present, when domestic submerged arc furnaces are used to produce ferrosilicon, manganese and chromium ferroalloys, standard electrode pastes are usually used. With the continuous increase in the number of large-capacity submerged arc furnaces and closed electric furnaces put into use, many manganese-silicon alloy submerged arc furnaces are gradually using closed electrode pastes so that self-baking electrodes can be sintered earlier. Some manganese-silicon alloy manufacturers, especially electric furnace nickel-iron manufacturers, usually prefer to use special sealed electrode pastes that are more suitable for their own tastes according to the needs of the factory’s production. Among them, the main point is that the electrode paste is easy to bake, the production performance and quality are stable, and the baking quality of the electrode can be guaranteed to prevent the electrode from soft and hard breaking accidents. A factory in Guangxi has been in operation for 7 months, and there have been 22 accidents of paste leakage and hard breakage, resulting in 48 severely short electrodes due to the slow firing speed of the electrodes. Later, after the aforementioned Guangxi plant switched to the special airtight paste produced by Gongyi Rongxin Carbon Plant, there was only one hard-breaking accident of non-electrode paste quality in 8 months. The user is satisfied with the quality of the electrode paste.

Application of electrode paste in nickel-iron submerged arc furnace

2. The less accidents of electrode operation is to choose high-quality electrode paste

The core problem of the long-term stable operation of the ferroalloy electric furnace is whether the electrode column can work normally. People often regard the electrode as the “heart” of the submerged arc furnace. The central problem is the quality of the electrode sintering to ensure long-term stable operation and fewer accidents. In fact, in the production cost of ferroalloy, the cost factor of electrode paste consumption only accounts for a very small share. The primary responsibility of the production operators and organizers is to ensure the normal operation of the production equipment. Once the electric furnace electrode accident occurs, the losses caused will be huge and catastrophic, and it is almost impossible to make up. For this reason, sometimes it is better to choose electrode paste with a margin of performance and quality to prevent electrode accidents. Is wise.

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