Carbon electrode

Carbon electrode is made of tar coke, petroleum coke and adhesive mixture forming by carbonization, graphitization degree is not high, conductivity is not as good as synthetic graphite material, can be used in aluminum and magnesium electrolytic electrode, battery electrode, etc..Special carbon electrode refers to the electrode made of special carbon raw materials. The key is the porous carbon electrode with carbon fiber as the base material, which can be used for fuel cells, etc.Glass carbon electrode made of carbonized thermosetting resin with high purity and solvent resistance for analytical purposes.The transport and storage of the electrodes shall be in the following works: the electrodes shall be stored in the warehouse with dry air and natural ventilation, and the pad shall be more than 20 cm above the ground and not less than 500 mm away from the wall.Should ensure the integrity of the original packaging bag, put flat stacking stacking, stacking height is not more than 1.5 meters.According to the first in first out principle of material, in case of storage put for a long time damp quality change.During the transportation of electrodes, rain and snow immersion and impact should be resolutely prevented.

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