As the saying goes: masters don’t speak, I say I’m not an expert.

In 1907, Dr. Soderberg invented the self baking electrode. For a hundred years, although the research of carbon workers on this small product is in the ascendant, its scientific and technological achievements are, after all, antiques in technology, and there has been no major breakthrough.

Because its technology is antique, the problems in use are certainly not too complicated, and the reasons can always be found.

There are always various problems in the use of electrode paste. Today, I will discuss the common phenomenon of turning around. As for the reasons for the U-turn, different people have different opinions. For natural science, there is only one correct law for something. Unlike social science, it can use different ideas to transform the thoughts of social members and achieve the goals designed by this thought.

Well, since there is only one correct law of natural science, I will lead you through the fog to find the truth of things.

Due to our lack of knowledge and limited ability, we welcome criticism and correction.

Cause analysis of electrode paste turning around

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