Graphite electrode market remained stable this week

The price of raw materials for graphite electrodes continues to rise to boost market confidence. Some companies have begun to increase their electrode quotations. However, as a whole, the market is mainly on the sidelines, and most manufacturers are still stabilizing prices.

The raw material market is operating well as a whole. Petroleum coke continues to rise, and calcined coke follows the upward adjustment. Although coal tar pitch has dropped particularly strongly, needle coke remains strong. On the whole, raw materials provide strong support for electrode costs.

Steel prices are mainly fluctuating and downward adjustments. The steel market is still in the off-season, market consumption is still light, and the operating rate of electric furnace steel is basically stable. With the consumption of stocks in the early stage of steel mills, the recent increase in purchases by steel mills in the market has formed a certain support for electrode manufacturers’ price increases.

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