The market price of calcined coal recarburizer has risen again, and the price is at a high level. The physical characteristics of Ningxia recarburizer with C≥90%, S≤0.3%, particle size 1-5mm, the mainstream price of the manufacturer is 2200-2300 yuan/ton (factory tax included), index C≥92%, S≤0.3%, The quotations from manufacturers of calcined coal recarburizers with a particle size of 1-5mm are around 2350-2500 yuan/ton (ex-factory tax included), and the source of goods continues to remain high.

The coal market is tightly supplied and prices continue to rise, just as the summer transportation is also showing an upward trend. At present, the price of refined coal in Gooukou area continues to be high, and manufacturers are reluctant to sell. The price of calcined coal recarburizers is bullish. With coal from Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Shaanxi participating in the market, the quotations of manufacturers are slightly confused.

Downstream steel mills’ demand performance is mediocre. Recently, it has been learned that large areas of steel production will be reduced in the second half of the year. The decline in crude steel production may affect the demand for calcined coal recarburizers.

At present, upstream and downstream companies are mostly holding on to the sidelines. Due to the high prices, prices on both sides of the supply and demand continue to stalemate. In the short term, due to the shortage of raw materials, the price of calcined coal recarburizer may continue to maintain a slight upward trend.