As for the classification and performance of electrode paste, electrode paste can be divided into standard paste and sealed paste due to different uses. The former is mostly used in semi closed submerged arc furnace; The latter is commonly used in closed electric furnace and large capacity semi closed electric furnace due to its low roasting temperature and easy sintering. Most of the solid materials in the standard paste are anthracite and metallurgical coke, while the solid materials in the closed paste need a large amount of graphite chips and petroleum coke.

The binder in the standard paste is mostly medium temperature asphalt, while the binder in the sealed paste uses a large amount of tar and graphite chips. As a special sealed electrode paste favored by ferronickel smelting enterprises in submerged arc furnace, the blending amount of tar and graphite chips is obviously increased. The high price of graphite chips and tar is the main reason for the high price of airtight paste, especially super dense paste.

Classification and properties of electrode paste

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