The fixed items of electrode paste include fixed carbon, volatile matter, ash and moisture, etc. Generally, all four items can be calculated by analyzing the three items of volatile matter, ash and moisture. The volatile matter must be controlled within a certain range, otherwise it will cause the following results.

1. If the volatile matter is too high, it will cause the following undesirable results:

(1) It is not easy to sinter, has poor strength, and is easy to softly break;

(2) The shrinkage is large, the strength is poor, and hard fracture may occur;

(3) Fast oxidation and fast consumption of electrode paste;

(4) It is easy to be sintered into special shapes in layers, and it is easy to break apart in addition to the difficulty of lowering the electrode;

(5) When the electrode is discharged, the load is reduced more and the load is increased slowly, which affects the output.

Consequences of too low volatility of electrode paste Rongxin

2. If the volatile matter is too high, it will cause the following adverse consequences:

(1) Premature sintering, poor strength, easy to hard break;

(2) Insufficient adhesion, poor strength, and easy to hard break;

(3) The contact resistance between the electrode and the conductive jaw plate is large, which affects the power consumption and the life of the jaw plate.

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