People first pay attention to the ash content of the electrode paste index, and then pay attention to the specific resistance.

Because the purpose of electrode paste is to make conductive materials, the first thing to look at is the specific resistance when investigating the indicators of conductive materials. Although there is a certain correlation between the ash content and the specific resistance, it is not all positive. The relationship between the ash content and the specific resistance is affected by many factors, such as the material itself, the composition of the ash, the processing temperature, and the material configuration. Ratio, product density, etc.

That is, the same material (same ash content) has different specific resistances at different temperatures. Electrode paste is a relatively simple product in the production of carbon products, but their production links are basically the same from the calcination of raw materials to the front end of crushing, screening and ingredients. And it is very important, it directly affects the output of finished products, the cost of production, and the final quality of the product; as well as the scale of capital construction, capital construction investment, and capital construction cycle.

Consider the standard of electrode paste quality

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