Continuous automatic firing electrode (referred to as self-fired electrode) is composed of electrode paste and iron shell. The electrode needs to work continuously when working in the calcium carbide furnace, so it needs to continuously lower the electrode to supplement it. When the electrode is lowered to the lower part of the conductive jaw, it passes 1000. The left and right baking makes the electrode paste carbonized to form the electrode. Because the electrode iron shell can continue to be welded without power failure, the electrode paste is constantly added to the iron shell, and it is sintered in the calcium carbide furnace, so it is called continuous Type automatic baking electrode.

Continuous automatic baking electrode

s are widely used in cacium carbide furnaces and ferroalloy furnaces. The characteristics of this electrode are that the diameter can be expanded to 2 meters, without screw joints, it is very convenient to connect to the calcium carbide furnace, and the price is low, which makes calcium carbide furnaces Large-capacity development provides favorable conditions.

In the entire calcium carbide furnace equipment, the electrode is the heart. In the production of calcium carbide, current is input into the furnace through electrodes to generate an electric arc to smelt calcium carbide. Electrodes occupy an extremely important position in the entire electric furnace.

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