When the sintering temperature of the electrode paste is between 300 and 800 degrees, because the volatile matter of the coal tar pitch has been discharged, the remaining coal tar pitch has been carbonized to form a network, and it is fused with various electrode paste raw materials, and the mechanical strength reaches the standard value.

Our Rongxin Carbon technicians have calculated that the compressive strength of the electrode paste at this time is 17-33 MPa, the flexural strength is 7–17 MPa, and the tensile strength is 4–8 MPa.

After the electrode below the copper tile of the submerged electric furnace enters the smelting process, the temperature of the electrode will rise further due to the further increase in the temperature of the raw material, and the mechanical strength will increase with the rise in temperature. The temperature of other materials rises to 1500 degrees. When the mechanical strength drops sharply, such as heat-resistant alloys, the mechanical strength of carbon materials is increasing at 1500 degrees. Only when the mechanical strength of carbon materials is measured at 2200 degrees, the mechanical strength begins to gradually decrease.

Controlling the sintering temperature of electrode paste

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