Different carburizers have different quality. For example, there are graphite carburizers and coal carburizers. Although they are all carburizers, they are different in basic characteristics, absorption coefficient, price, advantages and disadvantages. It is not very large, but if it is not properly applied, it will also affect their carburizing effect.

1. The raw materials of the two kinds of carburizing agents are different: the graphite carburizing agent is made of 2830 degree graphitized artificial graphite, and the coal carburizing agent is made of anthracite.

2. The basic characteristics of the two kinds of carburizers are different: graphite carburizers have the advantages of low sulfur, low nitrogen, low phosphorus, high temperature resistance and good conductivity. High quality coal carburizing agent can not achieve ideal carburizing effect.

3. The absorption coefficient is different: the absorption coefficient of graphite carburizing agent is above 90%, and the absorption coefficient of coal carburizing agent is basically about 70%. This is the reason why graphite carburizers can be used with low fixed carbon content.

Distinguish graphite carburizing agent from coal carburizing agent

4. The price of carburizing agent is also different: Graphite carburizing agent is slightly more expensive than coal carburizing agent, but the overall use cost is much lower.

5. Different shapes: Graphite carburizing agent is a shiny cylinder, and coal carburizing agent is a block particle.

6. Graphite carburizing agent has low melting point to steel, high steel-making temperature and serious combustion, but its absorption coefficient is not high. Coal based carburizing agent has high melting point. Although the absorption coefficient is low, it will not burn. It is not inferior to graphite, and the price difference is large. The number of steel plants is generally large, which is unacceptable from the perspective of cost.

7. Graphite carburizing agent is suitable for nodular cast iron with strict sulfur requirements, high carbon fixation and good absorption coefficient, especially for medium frequency furnace of half ton to 12 tons.

8. The products produced with coal based carburizing agent are not only inferior to graphite carburizing agent, but also have higher sulfur content, which reduces its output.

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