Influence and discussion of residual root on electrode paste performance:

Prebaked anode residue is the part that needs to be replaced from the electrolytic cell with a new root in order to prevent the steel claw from melting after the prebaked anode is used on the electrolytic cell for a cycle. After high temperature roasting, the residual root has the characteristics of lower mechanical strength and porosity than petroleum coke. Using residual roots as raw materials for carbon products can improve the quality of carbon products to a certain extent.

The properties of residual roots, the crushing method of residual roots, the matching method of residual roots returning to the production process, and the adding proportion of residual roots are studied in detail. The results show that adding residual roots can improve the mechanical properties of carbon products, and the compressive strength index of anode paste and prebaked anode products is higher than that before matching. However, it is also reported in the literature that adding residual roots to the prebaked anode will affect the product quality.

Effect of residual roots on the properties of electrode paste

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