1. Soft disconnection is not found in time

The electrode paste all flows out into the furnace, and the equipment is broken and leaks. It is impossible to directly connect the dead phase. You need to pull out the hard tip, clean the electrode paste, and re-fire the dead phase electrode. If the dead phase electrode is too short, a second baking is required.

2. Hard-break accident handling

2.1 After hard breaking, the remaining length is basically sufficient, and the broken end is not long, directly send power, press the broken end into the furnace, and rush to release the electrode.

2.2 After the hard break, the broken end is longer and above the material surface, pull the hard end out, and lengthen the electrode dead phase and burn it.

2.3 After the hard break, the broken head is longer but cannot be pulled out below the material surface. There is still room for the lower limit of the upper remaining electrode. Directly connect the power supply (to hold the broken head) and rush to discharge the electrode, so that the two ends can be maintained after leaving, continue to grab If the load is too low and cannot be rushed, it will be roasted in dead phase.

3. Handling of leakage accidents

If it is inside the copper tile or the protective screen, it can be repaired if it can be repaired, and if it cannot be repaired, it will be released and processed outside.

Electrode accident treatment

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