Electrode Paste

Trapezoidal electrode paste

The electrode paste is made by dehydrating and melting petroleum tar pitch in a melting tank, adding it to a kneading pot in proportion to kneading, and then forming and calcining.

Electrode paste has the characteristics of low resistivity and is used as a conductive material in electric furnace equipment such as ferroalloy furnaces and calcium carbide furnaces.

Electrode paste can be divided into goose egg shaped electrode paste, trapezoidal electrode paste, and cylindrical electrode paste according to the shape.

Materials:Calcined Anthracite Coal,Calcined Petroleum Coke,Anode Scrap,Coal pitch,Coal Tar,Graphite Powder.

Electrode Paste MSDS
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Physical and chemical indicators of electrode paste

  1. Volatile content V.M 9-16%
  2. Ash content less than 2
  3. Sulfur content below 1.5
  4. Compressive strength: the national standard stipulates that it is greater than 18, we are now about 24
  5. Resistivity below 70
  6. Bulk density: the national standard is greater than 1.38, ours is above 1.45
  7. Elongation: National standard 20-40, ours is about 30
  8. Softening point: varies according to the parameters required by the customer’s furnace
  9. Different from other electrode paste producing areas, it has low ash content and high carbon content.

Advantages of Our Electrode Paste

  1. Customization according to the customer’s equipment and the type of ferroalloy being produced; private customization.
  2. With the most advanced technology, production technology and testing technology. Professional after-sales service technical support and QC team.
  3. The factory is in a good position and has all kinds of high-quality raw materials which can  produce electrode paste.

Electrode paste specifications

ItemElectrode Paste
Ash content2-10%Resistivity55-90 uΩm
Compression Strength>18MpaExtensibility6-20
Apparent Density>1.42g/cm3Rupture Density>4.0
Real Density>1.98g/cm3Fluidity Coefficient1.80-2.10
SpecificationAsh %(max)V.M. %(max)Restivity(max)μΩmCompressive strengthMpa%(min)Volume density%(min)Elongation%
Airtight Electrode Paste4.0-6.012.00-15.5065-7517-181.35-1.38g/cm35-20
Standard Electrode Paste7.0-11.09.50-15.5080-9020-221.38g/cm35-40
Chemical Electrode Paste1111.0-15.590181.38g/cm35-25


  1. Lower ash content;
  2. Acurate dosing and stable volatile content;
  3. Good electric and thermal conductivity and the sintering speed apropriate to that of consumption of working end;
  4. Smelting at lower temperature with certain fluidity and homogeneous composition;
  5. High resistance to high temperature, oxidation and thermal shock, low resistivity and high mechanical strength after sintering.
Goose egg shape Electrode paste

Goose egg shaped electrode paste

Cylindrical Electrode paste

Cylinder electrode paste

Application fields of electrode paste

Used in Submerged furnace to make Various alloy, such as Ferro silicon, ferro manginess, ferro silicon manganese,nickel alloy,Chromium alloy.

Electrode paste is mainly used for conductive materials used in electric furnace equipment such as ferroalloy furnaces and calcium carbide furnaces.

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