Electrode paste protection barrel is a steel electrode paste escort barrel smelting method based on the commonly used iron sheet electrode paste smelting method in my country’s current calcium carbide and ferroalloy production industries. It uses a small amount of steel to weld the main body of the electrode. The skeleton replaces the more expensive iron sheet consumption. Compared with similar equipment, its shape can be reduced by two-fifths.

The inner wall of the escort barrel is made of special material, which is neither bonded to the electrode paste, but also a good insulator. A temperature monitor is set at the center of the electrode to control the temperature changes of the various layers of the electrode during the firing process. The built-in steel electrode paste is in With the cooperation of the pressure and discharge cylinder of the top mechanical device, in accordance with the requirements of the process and technical indicators, the electrode length and speed consumed in a unit time are accurately pressured and discharged to work in the furnace, and the linear speed is 3-5 cm/hour.

Due to the forced extrusion of the pressure and discharge cylinder, the compactness and grip strength between the steel bar and the electrode paste are doubled, which is regarded as a reinforced concrete structure. Therefore, hard and soft breakage of the electrode can be eliminated, and the unit conductivity is greatly improved. The steel electrode paste that is gradually consumed in actual production can be continuously added by welding to ensure continuous and uninterrupted safe production.

Electrode paste escort bucket

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