As countries around the world pay more and more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, the use of electrode paste to supply ferroalloy furnaces, calcium carbide furnaces and other electric furnace equipment has become another trend. The main raw materials for the production of electrode paste are anthracite and metallurgical coke. Currently, two electrode pastes with different formulations are produced.

One is the so-called standard electrode paste. It is widely used in ferroalloy furnaces and medium and small calcium carbide furnaces. This electrode paste uses medium pitch with a softening point of 65-75°C (determined by mercury method) as the binder.

Another type of electrode paste is used in enclosed ferroalloy furnaces or calcium carbide furnaces. This kind of enclosed electric furnace requires the electrode paste to have high electrical and thermal conductivity, and a suitable sintering speed. Therefore, the ingredients for producing this electrode paste are different from standard electrode pastes. In addition to using anthracite as raw material, graphitized metallurgical coke or graphite crushed with good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, as well as petroleum coke, pitch coke and other raw materials are used for bonding The agent also uses a mixture of coal tar and coal tar (or scallion oil).

Electrode paste is more and more widely used

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