1. Use high-quality needle coke as raw material

The lower the linear expansion coefficient of the raw material, the less the effect of the linear expansion coefficient of the graphite made under the same technological conditions as the electrode. For example, the high-quality graphite electrode produced with needle coke as the raw material has a higher linear expansion coefficient than ours The power control graphite electrode is much more for ordinary users who use an ordinary petroleum coke as raw material.

When the particle size range from a large coke particle component decreases, the extrusion direction parallel to the linear expansion coefficient tends to decrease, but it tends to increase in the extrusion direction perpendicular to the linear expansion coefficient.

After the semi-finished product of electrode baking is impregnated, the linear expansion coefficient of the re-graphitized finished electrode shows an increasing development trend.

4. The higher the degree of graphitization of the graphite electrode, the smaller the linear expansion coefficient

This is because the higher the degree of graphitization, the easier it is to slip or delamination between the graphite crystal layers, so the linear expansion coefficient of the graphite electrode is related to the graphitization temperature.

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