The rise in raw material prices is the main driver of the recent rise in the prices of graphite electrode products.

From the perspective of the national “carbon neutrality” goal and stricter environmental protection policies, the company expects that the prices of raw materials such as petroleum coke and needle coke will continue to rise, so it does not rule out the possibility of subsequent price increases of graphite electrode products.

The graphite electrode market has been operating well recently, and the price is in an upward cycle, mainly due to the continuous upward impact of raw material prices.

Some steel industry research institutions also hold the same view. “Currently, the price of petroleum coke in the raw material market is still rising. The peak of refinery maintenance is approaching, and the market supply is gradually decreasing, which is good for the price of low-sulfur coke.” The agency also believes that needle coke is affected by low start-ups and insufficient raw material support. As a result, prices may remain high. In the short term, the graphite electrode market is still showing a positive trend, with strong cost support, and the downstream is likely to enter the market one after another due to the fear of rising in the later period.

The logic of recent product price increases is different from that of 2017. Product price increases in 2017 were mainly affected by supply-side reforms. Small businesses in North China were shut down and graphite electrode output was cut by half, resulting in a reduction in supply and demand for electric furnace steelmaking. Growth, the shortage of products at that time was the key.

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