Recently, the production workshop of Yingkou Changsheng Mining Co., Ltd. has been busy. Combined with the recent increase in orders from steel mills, the demand for earthy graphite balls has gradually increased. The production workshop has stepped up to expand its production capacity. The current monthly supply capacity exceeds 10,000 tons and the product quality is stable.

The company’s production indicators are mainly 70%, 75%, 80% and other different grades of products, the main specifications are 10-50mm, and products of different specifications can also be produced according to customer requirements.

Yingkou Changsheng Mining Co., Ltd. is a high-tech comprehensive mining enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales with a registered capital of 10 million. Relying on high-quality geographical location and combining local resources, the company produces more than 30,000 tons of refractory materials of various specifications each year. After years of technology precipitation, the company has established long-term cooperation agreements with many terminal steel mill customers by virtue of its good market reputation. Like: Tangshan Jinzhou Industrial, Shanxi Hejin Hongda Special Steel Plant, 2672 and many other medium and large steel mills have maintained long-term cooperation.

The graphite heating agent produced by the company is also called graphite heating agent (graphite ball). It uses natural microcrystalline graphite as the main raw material. Strong, approximately spherical graphite agglomerates. Graphite ball has the characteristics of high carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen and low phosphorus, and has a large specificity, high heating value, and does not corrode the furnace wall. It has always been the most cost-effective material for heating up in domestic and foreign steel plants.

Advantages of Yingkou Changsheng Mining Graphite Ball

  • The price of graphite heating agent is relatively low (unit price is 30%-50% of silicon-based heating agent), which is beneficial to steel mills to reduce production costs and improve economic benefits;
  • No need to add white ash to balance the alkalinity during the post-blending process of graphite heating agent, reducing secondary costs;
  • The overall slag volume will not increase;
  • The composition of graphite heating agent is stable, the main component is only carbon element, and the heating effect is stable;
  • High blowing stability;
  • The composition of the top slag of the ladle remains unchanged after the graphite balls are used, which will not affect the cleanliness of the subsequent molten steel.

“Professional and dedicated” is the business philosophy of Changsheng Mining. “Integrity, innovation, and communication” have always been the tenet of the company. With “technology for survival, service for development” as the team spirit, we will continue to improve customer satisfaction. With the aim of win-win cooperation, we provide our customers with good products and good services.