In the equipment of calcium carbide furnace, the electrode is the “heart” of calcium carbide furnace. The quality of the electrode directly affects the production of calcium carbide. The electrode is baked by the calcium carbide producer with the electrode paste as the main raw material. The quality of the electrode paste and the operation level of the calcium carbide producer jointly affect the quality of the electrode. The electrode plays the role of conducting current and converting electric energy into heat energy in the calcium carbide furnace. In the production of calcium carbide, the current is input into the furnace through the electrode to generate arc, which mainly uses the arc energy to release heat and produce calcium carbide products at high temperature. The production and operation effect of calcium carbide furnace directly depends on whether the electrode is in normal working state. If there are problems with the electrode, such as hard break, soft break, too short, too long, rupture, paste leakage, fire stabbing and other accidents, the normal production of calcium carbide will be affected.
Heart of calcium carbide furnace– Electrode paste
Sometimes, the furnace will be shut down for several hours or even days, and in serious cases, personal accidents may occur, which will affect the human, material and environmental protection Financial resources are a great waste. Therefore, it is very important to understand and master the influence of the equipment on the electrode and the electrical parameters of the calcium carbide furnace on the working state of the electrode. Only by mastering these knowledge, can the electrode be used normally, reduce the electrode accident and reduce the economic loss. If we do not pay attention to the management of the electrode, it will lead to the electrode accident and cause unnecessary power failure, It brings adverse consequences to safety and normal production. The quality of electrode paste directly affects the baking quality and use effect of electrode. Therefore, the managers of calcium carbide production put forward higher requirements for the quality of electrode paste used in closed calcium carbide furnace. High quality electrode paste must have continuous stability, suitable fluidity, good thermal conductivity, high oxidation resistance and excellent conductivity; At the same time, the electrode should be able to withstand high temperature, with small coefficient of thermal expansion, small porosity and low resistivity to reduce power loss; It should also have high mechanical strength, so as not to break the electrode due to the influence of mechanical and electrical loads and the slight impact caused by the collapse of furnace charge.

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