How to choose a good refractory castable?

Nowadays, society is developing rapidly, and people’s safety awareness is constantly improving. What are the disasters that we are more afraid of in our lives? Of course it is a fire. In order to avoid fires, many places have added new materials. Castable is a new type of refractory material. Its main feature is that it has high fluidity. The lightweight heat-insulating refractory castable is composed of high-quality, high-strength materials as aggregates, ultra-fine powder, and composite additives. Therefore, refractory materials have a wide range of applications and can be selected according to the materials and bonding agents used. It can be directly poured into a lining body for use, and can also be used as a prefabricated block by pouring or tapping methods. How do we choose good refractory castables?

Pay attention to the following points when choosing:

1. Wear resistance: the castable is resistant to impact and friction.

2. Thermal stress resistance performance: If the material with higher moisture content is easy to match, it is not easy to cause thermal stress fatigue.

3. High temperature performance: good high temperature performance, syneresis and stress release of steel structure are prone to large cracks, and the oven requirements are high.

4. Appearance after the oven: There are cracks. It is normal for a crack to appear 5mm according to the specification. If the filling and repairing process is exceeded, the appearance will be cracked.

5. Whether it is stable during heating operation.

The production process is simple, labor-saving and energy-saving, high construction efficiency, and good quality. The refractory castable is an unshaped refractory with a large amount and a wide range of applications in furnace construction. It can not only enhance the toughness, but also contribute to the improvement of its thermal insulation performance.

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