How to Use Calcined Petroleum CokeThe calcined petroleum coke carbon content is high, high mechanical strength, low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus, in metallurgy chemical industry, machinery, electric power industry has great potential for development.

After production of calcined petroleum coke calcined furnace still has great space technology development, should focus on new materials application and development of high quality silica brick, multi-channel recovery of waste heat resources, improve the degree of automation, scientific oven and the in-depth research of standard operation, make the calcined petroleum coke utilization rate is higher, better use effect, the other smelting furnace to development growth, high capacity, intelligent life environmental, economical industrial furnaces.

Especially must pay attention to the numerical simulation technology combined with production practice, science promote the calcined petroleum coke quality and technical problems, to further reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency.

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