Method for increasing the bulk density of refractory bricks and improving the strength of refractory bricks

1. The increase of the molding pressure of the refractory brick machine increases the density of the refractory bricks. Only by increasing the density of the bricks can high-strength sintered bricks be fired. For refractory bricks with a molding pressure of 2.2-2.3MPa, the compressive strength of the fired brick is generally 13.9-15MPa, and for the bricks with a molding pressure of 3MPa, the compressive strength of the fired brick can easily reach 20MPa.

2. Appropriately increase the temperature of sintered refractory bricks

Tests have proved that the same raw materials and bricks produced by the same brick machine have different firing temperatures and different strengths of sintered refractory bricks. The test results show that the compressive strength of bricks increases with the increase of the firing temperature of the tunnel kiln.

3. Properly extend the holding time.

Tests have proved that the same raw material, the same brick machine, the same heating and cooling speed, the sintering temperature is 900 ℃, the holding time is different, the compressive strength of the sintered brick will be different, and the appropriate holding time will improve the sintered brick. Compressive strength and quality are beneficial.

4. It is recommended to use low temperature long burn.

Nowadays, sintered refractory bricks are generally mixed with internal combustion, and “high-temperature short-burning” is often used to increase the output as the goal. Long-term practice has proved that the use of “high temperature and short burning” firing method for internal combustion bricks has a certain impact on improving the quality of refractory bricks. The products often have black-hearted refractory bricks, black scars, cracks, embossing, etc., and the compressive strength is also somewhat Decrease, and what is more serious is that it increases coal consumption, wastes energy, and does not protect the ecological environment.

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