Methods for improving the quality of clay refractory bricks

The quality of clay bricks is related to a series of processes such as raw materials, process ratio, selection, molding, drying and sintering. Any improper operation of any link will affect the quality of the product.

First of all, starting from the purchase of raw materials, it is necessary to check the quality, and consider the aluminum content, impurities, and body density. Because the refractoriness of clay with a large aluminum content is high, impurities will reduce the refractoriness, and the surface of clay bricks will also be produced. Cave. The hard-to-sinter clay has low strength and high porosity.

In the manufacturing process, pay attention to the process ratio. The composition of particles has a great relationship with the strength and density of clay bricks. Only when the large, medium and small particles are properly matched can high-quality refractory bricks be made. In the process of raw material mixing, it must be granulated first, then powder. Mix for about 3 minutes before adding water. After adding water, the mixing time cannot be less than 10 minutes, otherwise the density of the clay bricks will be low and cracks will appear after the production of the clay bricks.

In addition, during the molding process, pay attention to the placement of the mold to prevent burrs, mold aging or hammer stealing during molding. It must be formed under high pressure. The clay formed under high pressure has high density and high strength. However, when forming is the first hammer, you must pay attention to exhaust, otherwise spallation will occur. Heavy hammers can be used after the second hammer. Pay attention to the condition of the mold, and don’t let the mold age and flash, which will affect the appearance of the clay brick.

Firing is the last exhausting process of clay bricks. The amount of bricks must be flat, upright, and straight. When loading the kiln car, leave a reasonable gap and fire channel. Reduce the resistance of fireworks in the kiln. The kiln car must be packed densely at the top and thin at the bottom, and fired thoroughly. The fire of sintered clay bricks needs to be burnt in an oxidizing atmosphere, so that the clay bricks that come out will have the same color and will not expand or shrink in size.

The above points have been implemented in the manufacturing process, which will definitely improve the quality of clay bricks.

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