The oven is an important and meticulous job, and you should not rush the fire improperly. At the beginning of the oven, the furnace wall and furnace arch should be evenly baked at a lower temperature, and then slowly increase the baking temperature, so that the moisture in the furnace wall and furnace arch will gradually evaporate until it is completely dry. The length of the oven time and the rate of temperature rise should be determined according to the type of boiler, the structure of the furnace wall, the degree of renewal of the furnace wall and the length of the natural drying time. The drying time of general industrial boilers is 3 to 14 days. For boilers with partial renewal of the furnace wall, the temperature rise rate can be determined by referring to the time and temperature listed in the table, but the baking time shall not be less than 3 days.

The purpose of the oven:

Oven is an indispensable process for each circulating fluidized bed boiler to be installed and built before it is put into operation, because the newly built circulating fluidized bed boiler wall uses a large number of unshaped refractory materials and thermal insulation casting materials as the furnace The lining material to prevent the wear of the tube and the loss of heat. In particular, the furnace with the insulated furnace wall structure has a large amount of water in the construction process of the thermal insulation castable. If the free water in the thermal insulation pouring material is not dried and dried before the boiler is put into operation, the water in the furnace wall will be heated and evaporated to expand its volume and generate a certain pressure after it is directly put into operation, which will cause cracks in the furnace wall.

When the deformation and damage are serious, the furnace wall will fall off in a large area. Therefore, the detailed oven curve and operation measures should be formulated according to the amount of wear-resistant refractory insulation materials of different furnace shapes and the actual thickness of the furnace wall before it is put into operation. At the same time, the oven can also cause the wear-resistant refractory material of the furnace wall to produce physical and chemical reactions to improve the strength of the material, and make the masonry permanently stable. So that the boiler can be safe and normal under high temperature; long-term full-load operation to achieve the goal of high production and high efficiency. Therefore, a good oven plan and the quality of the oven will directly affect the normal operation of the oven in the future, and it must be carefully organized and implemented carefully.

Oven scheme and specific steps 1

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