The oven process of circulating fluidized bed boiler can be divided into three stages: low temperature oven, medium temperature oven and high temperature oven. This oven plan is mainly for the low temperature oven stage after construction, namely the first stage oven (hereinafter referred to as oven) , The purpose is to remove the free water and crystal water of the wear-resistant refractory castable.

At the end of the low-temperature oven, work with the boiler without affecting the medium-temperature oven.

At the end of the medium-temperature oven, depending on the specific situation, increase the temperature of the circulating materials as much as possible. After the boiler is cooked, a high-temperature oven is carried out and the main steam pipeline is purged at the same time.

Oven scheme and specific steps 2

2 Preparations before the oven

2.1 The boiler has passed a qualified water pressure test.

2.2 The air door of the steam drum and the drain door of the superheater are opened.

2.3 Fill the boiler with water to slightly lower than the normal water level.

2.4 Prepare the fuel and charge for the oven.

2.5 Close the manholes and inspection holes on the furnace body and the flue duct.

2.6 The personnel involved in the oven should be familiar with the oven process and boiler operating procedures.

2.7 Draw a graph of the oven curve (provided by the refractory manufacturer).

3 Necessary conditions for boiler oven

3.1 The hydraulic test is completed.

3.2 Exhaust and drain pipes have reached normal operating conditions.

3.3 All water and steam pipe hangers have been correctly installed.

3.4 The flue and air duct door holes are installed.

3.5 Temporary plugging of the soot blower hole.

3.6 The boiler body is insulated.

3.7 Fill the drum with water to the normal operating water level.

3.8 All the refractory and wear-resistant materials in the boiler have been built, the mold template has been removed, and natural curing has been carried out for more than 7 days.

3.9 During the drying period, ensure that the water is under pressure, and the pressure of the drum is controlled between 6kg/cm2-8 kg/cm2.

3.10 When baking the furnace, the lighting system of the boiler should be suitable for use.

3.11 All expansion joints of the boiler body are opened, and the expansion indication is reset to zero.

3.12 The equipment, fuel, control, and instruments required by the oven meet the requirements for use

3.13 The fuel oil used by the oven is 0# light diesel oil, and the fuel consumption is about 50 tons. It is supplied to the igniter by the boiler’s own oil storage equipment, oil pump and oil supply pipeline. The pressure in front of the oil gun is not less than 1.0Mpa. The oil volume is not less than 2m3/h.

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