Anthracite is the main raw material of electrode paste. The performance of anthracite is related to the performance of electrode paste. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and discuss the performance of anthracite to ensure the quality of electrode paste. Anthracite coal in China is mainly distributed in Shanxi, Ningxia and Guizhou. Shanxi is the origin of anthracite, which is mainly produced in Yangquan City and Jincheng city. Anthracite is an indispensable raw material for carbon industry.

It is mainly used in semi graphite cathode carbon block, electric furnace carbon block, blast furnace carbon block, carbon electrode and various pastes. Studying and discussing various properties of anthracite is very beneficial to improve the quality of carbon products. We have been engaged in carbon work for many years, and have been dealing with anthracite since the early 1980s. We have been to many places in Yangquan and Jincheng of Shanxi Province for many times to understand, investigate, sample and analyze, and accumulated a lot of data about anthracite.

Performance characteristics of anthracite as raw material of electrode paste

At the same time, we have more than 20 years of application practice, which can further study and verify various data of anthracite. The data based on practical test is convincing. Anthracite has low specific gravity, low ash content and high sulfur content; The anthracite in Jincheng area of Shanxi Province has high true proportion, high ash content and low sulfur content. The differences of anthracite properties in different regions should be related to the geological age of anthracite formation.

Because the true proportion of raw coal in Jincheng area is greater than that in Yangquan area, it can explain why the strength of anthracite in Jincheng area is good and why the oxidation resistance of anthracite in Jincheng area is good. There are some differences in the performance of anthracite after high temperature calcination. The sulfur content of calcined anthracite in Yangquan area has hardly increased, and the specific resistance is 17% lower than that of Jincheng calcined anthracite, which may be related to the ash composition of anthracite.

Performance characteristics of anthracite as raw material of electrode paste

Therefore, in the production process, if producing electrode paste and carbon electrode, we should first consider using calcined anthracite in Yangquan area The purpose of understanding their performance is to improve the quality of products and better use. Sometimes we can combine the two to improve the performance

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