Graphitized Petroleum Coke

Graphitized petroleum cokeGraphitized petroleum coke is a finished product after graphitization,which is obtained by low-sulfur calcined coke in a graphitization furnace.
Graphitized petroleum coke is a good quality recarburizer product with low nitrogen characteristics.

GPC Specification

ItemGraphite Calcined Petroleum Coke
Fixed Carbon99%Ash<0.5%
Nitrogen content<300
Raw MaterialCalcined Petroleum Coke
ApplicationFor additive carbon
PackagingTon Bag(MT)

Applications for GPC graphite petroleum coke

  1. Graphite petroleum coke is a good recarburizer for smelting;
  2. Graphite petroleum coke is the raw material for the production of large cathode blocks, large carbon electrodes, large graphite electrodes and high-performance electrode pastes.
  3. After deep processing, graphite coke can be used to produce negative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, stabilizers for military industrial pyrotechnic materials, etc.
  4. Used in chemical industry reducing agent, casting reduction inoculant, refractory materials and other fields.

Our carbon and graphite items have passed the testing specific carbon testing according to JB/T6773-2011. We’re sure that the material is in strictly accordance to REACH regulation for EU market.

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