Graphitized Petroleum Coke for recarburizer, graphite electrode and electrode paste

Model Number: GPC 1-5mm



Raw Material: Calcined Petroleum Coke
packaging: 25 kilo gram bags in jumbo


Graphitized Petroleum Coke is a finished product after graphitization,which is abtained by low-sulfur calcined coke in a graphitization furnace. Graphitized Petroleum Coke is a good quality recarburizer product with low nitrogen characteristics.

graphitization calcined petroleum coke : Graphited Calcined pet-coke carbon agent is calcined coke in graphite of calcining furnace and, the carbon content can reach 99%, reach 0.05% sulfur, nitrogen content is about 300.

Advantages of Our Products

  1. Rongxing Group specializes in sieving various sizes of calcined coke with sizes of 1-3mm, 1-5mm, 1-10mm, 1-20mm, etc.;
  2. It can be custom-made according to the needs to sievie various types of sponge calcined coke;
  3. We mainly produce low-sulfur calcined petroleum coke e and medium sulfur calcined petroleum coke with large inventory;
  4. The monthly supply is about 5,000 tons with fast delivery.
  5. High carbon content, low ash, sulfur, phosphorus, high mechanical strength.

Our technical services

  1. Frequent customer visits with detailed quality and technical review meetings
  2. Close dialogue with refinery suppliers supported by frequent visits and feedback on quality and technical issues
  3. Audits of plant operations to identify potential improvement opportunities, and provision of technical resources to identify and resolve quality and process inefficiencies
  4. Production of top-quality CPC and other raw materials makes Rongxing a coveted supplier of carbon products and advanced materials. Global customers also count on us to meet their unique needs and requirements.
  5. Audits of plant operations to identify potential improvement opportunities and provision of technical resources to identify and resolve quality and process inefficiencies.


  • The main uses of calcined petroleum coke are prebaked anodes and anode pastes used in electrolytic aluminum, carbonizers for the carbon industry, graphite electrodes, smelting industrial silicon, and fuels.
  • Cined petroleum coke finds its way into the primary aluminum industry; another large segment is used in the steel industry as a recarburizing agent. Other uses include the production of titanium dioxide, which is used as a pigment for paint, plastics, sunscreens, and food coloring.
  • Rongxing CPC’s strength, density and size also make it ideal for the production of:Aluminum , Graphite electrode , Steel and Titanium dioxide.
  • The main use of Rongxing CPC is in the production of anodes for the Aluminum Smelting process. 70 – 80% of CPC is for the Aluminum Industry. The reason for use in the Aluminum Industry is for conductivity. Another use for CPC is TiO2 production which accounts for about 15% of the CPC consumption. The reason for use in TiO2 is for its oxidizing effect. Metallurgical Industry is the remaining major area where CPC is used. The reason for use in Metallurgical Industry is the high Fixed Carbon level (low ash level) and moderate sulfur levels.

Additional information

Annual output:

200,000 tons Graphitized Petroleum Coke



C Content (%):


S Content (%):


N Content (%):


Ash Content (%):




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