High quality low ash trapezoid cylindrical optimal electrode paste for ferroalloy furnace

Single package size: 100X60X50 cm
Single gross weight:1000.000 kg
Package Type:carbon electrode paste:ton bag or as customer’s request



The electrode paste is dehydrated and melted by petroleum coke and pitch coke in a melting tank, and proportionally added to the kneading pot and kneaded, then molded and calcined.

With the characteristics of low resistivity, it is used as a conductive material in electric furnace equipment such as ferroalloy furnace and calcium carbide furnace. Theelectrode paste is said to be a technically complicated product in carbon production. After being kneaded and molded, the electrode paste became a finished product.

The electrode paste is calcined by the heat in the submerged arc furnace. The consumption speed of the electrode and the calcination speed are the key to the use of the electrode paste. As the submerged arc furnace technology gradually develops toward large-scaled and air-tightness, during the calcining process, the electrode develops from the old type opened furnace type to the closed furnace type, and the heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace is greatly reduced, which requires an increase in the sintering perfromance of the electrode paste to compensate for this deficiency.







Additional information

Bulk Density

1.46 g/cm3




50-90 uom

Real density

1.98 g/cm3

Fixed Carbon


Fluidity Coefficient


Ash Content


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