High Swelling Cold Ramming Paste for Aluminum Reduction Cell

Application:Submerged Arc Furnace


Packaging:25kg bag or ton bag, customized package also acceptable


Cold ramming paste is a carbon material used for masonry, widely used in aluminum reduction cell, blast furnace, smelting furnace, calcium carbide furnace and other industrial furnaces, filling the gap between charcoal and cooling equipment, charcoal and charcoal, charcoal and firebrick.

Cold ramming paste is made from high temperature electrical calcite anthracite coal, artificial graphite, and natural graphite. Coal tar pitch, coal tar, and anthracite oil mixed oil additives as binder, through the broken, ingredients, stirring and kneading for construction at ambient temperature.

Special Advantage of Rongxing Cold Ramming Paste

Our cold ramming paste can be constructed in the normal temperature range of 17-42 °C. There is no asphalt smoke during construction, which improves the working environment of the construction personnel; Rongxing cold ramming paste is designed according to international standards, with good thermal shock resistance and roasting shrinkage rate is less than 0.15% with good tamping, and with no delamination.

Precautions to cold ramming paste

  1. Do not squeeze the cold ramming paste during loading and transportation to avoid tamping in advance.
  2. Storage conditions for the cold ramming paste require normal temperature, avoid light and avoid wind.
  3. The storage time of cold ramming paste should not be too long, and the shelf life is generally within one year, to avoid the paste from drying out due to the evaporation of the binder. The use of expired or dry cold ramming paste may cause delamination and uneven quality during construction, increasing the risk of leaking during roasting and operation.

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