Ranking of 2021Refractory companies (groups)

Refractory companies (groups) with world sales of more than US$100 million are ranked as follows:

1. Radex-Heraklith Industrial Co., Ltd. (RHI AG) (Austria. Wien)

Main business: refractory materials, high temperature materials, thermal insulation materials, mainly serving the industrial sectors of steel, cement, quartz, glass and so on. In 2000, the sales of refractories accounted for 76% (US$1.596 billion) of the total national sales of US$2.1 billion, heat insulation materials and high-temperature engineering accounted for 17% (US$357 million), and others accounted for 7% (US$147 million).

2. Saint-Gobain Company (France. Paris)

One of the 100 largest groups in the world, with branches in more than 40 countries, with total sales of US$27.1 billion in 2000. Among them, advanced ceramic materials, refractory materials, abrasives, etc. accounted for 17% (US$4.607 billion), glass accounted for 39% (US$10.57 billion), and building materials accounted for 44% (US$11.924 billion).

3. Vesyrius Group (Belgium)

The group is a subsidiary of Cookson Group PLC (London, UK). Its main products are ceramics and refractory materials, which are used in steel, glass and other industrial sectors. Its sales in 2000 were US$1.2 billion.

4. Ferro Company (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

In 2000, the sales of ceramics, glazes, coatings, kiln furniture, abrasives, etc. were 878.5 million US dollars.

5. Asahi Glass Company, (Tokyo, Japan)

In 2000, the company’s total sales amounted to 12.1 billion U.S. dollars, of which ceramic and refractory sales were 823 million U.S. dollars.

6. Kurosaki Harima Group (Japan, Kita-Kyushu)

The main products are refractory materials, kilns and related equipment, with total sales of 580 million US dollars in 2001.

7. Morgan Crucible Company (UK)

The main products are thermal insulation bricks, crucibles, unshaped refractory materials and other refractory products, which are mainly used in aluminum smelting, steel, ceramics, petrochemical, cement, glass and other industrial sectors. The sales volume in 2000 was 480 million US dollars. The company also produces ceramics and other products. The company’s total sales in 2000 were $1.6 billion.

8. Shinagawa Refractories Company (Tokyo, Japan)

It is one of the largest manufacturers of refractory materials for the iron and steel industry in Japan. In addition, it also produces fine ceramics. The sales revenue in 2000 was 6% lower than that in 1999. In 1999, the company’s total sales revenue was US$365 million, of which refractories were US$23738 million.

9. Lydall Company (Manchester, UK)

The main products are special engineering materials, heat insulation/interlayer materials, and filtration/separation materials. In 2000, the total sales amounted to 261.1 million U.S. dollars.

10. Magnesita S.A. (Brazil)

The main products are refractory products, aggregates, unshaped refractory materials and special products (including burnt magnesia). The sales volume in 1999 was US$230 million.

11. Toshiba Ceramics Company (Tokyo, Japan)

The main products are electronic components, ceramic membrane filters, refractory materials, bioceramics, etc. The total sales revenue in 2000 was 735 million US dollars, of which the sales of refractory materials and fine ceramic products were 220.5 million US dollars.

12. Baker Refractories Company (York, USA)

In March 2001, it merged with Wulfrath Refractories Company (Germany) and changed its name to LWB Refractories Company (Germany). It belongs to the Lhoist Group. Baker Refractories Company mainly produces refractories for the steel and cement industries. Its sales in 1999 were US$190 million. .

13. Mineral Technology Corporation (New York, USA)

Mainly produces refractory materials for the iron and steel industry. In 2000, the sales of refractory materials accounted for 27.5% (US$184.6 billion) of the company’s total sales of US$670.9 million.

14. Unifrax Company (New York, USA)

For multinational ceramic fiber product manufacturers, it provides refractory ceramic fiber products for metallurgical companies, processing industries, ceramics, glass, automobiles, aerospace, instrumentation and other industries, such as Fiberfrax, Fnsulfrax and IsofraxR. The total sales in 2000 was 160 million US dollars. (Including non-ceramic fiber products).

15. Martin Marietta Magnesia Speciies (United States, Luo Li)

It belongs to Martin Marietta Matenals. It is the largest manufacturer of magnesia chemicals and refractory materials in the United States. Its products are used in various industrial sectors. Sales in 2000 were US$130.4 million.

16. National Refractories and Minerals Corporation (USA, Liwumo)

High-alumina refractories (silicon and special products) account for 50%, non-clay products account for 35%, mold slag accounts for 8%, preforms account for 5%, and fused silica products for the iron and steel industry account for 2%. The total sales in 1999 were 110 million. Dollar. (The above includes products of Chicago Refractory Brick Company)

17. Roseco Products Company (Noristone, USA)

Production of clay, high-alumina products, alkaline bricks, prefabs, castables, cement, plastics, gunning and spraying materials. Sales of 100 million US dollars in 2000.

18. Thermal Ceramics Company (Augusta, USA)

It belongs to Morgan Crucible Company (see 7), which produces refractory fiber products, refractory castables, high temperature insulation products, used in petrochemicals, aluminum smelting, aerospace, steel, furnaces, glass, automobiles, ceramics and other industrial sectors. Sales of 100 million US dollars in 2000.

19. Steuler industrie werke company (Hoehr-Grenzhauson, Germany)

Sales of 111 million US dollars in 2000 (including daily ceramics)

20. Dyson Group PLC (UK)

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