One of the main raw materials for the production of chrome (chrome brick, chrome magnesite brick, magnesite brick) refractories is chrome ore or chromite.

Chromite is a mixture of a variety of minerals, because of its mineral composition fluctuates greatly, in terms of chemical composition and physical properties change is also large.

It is usually composed of gangue minerals with chromium grains.

These gangue minerals are usually magnesian silicates, such as serpentine, magnesium olivine, and olivine.

In addition to Cr2O3 in chromite, there are Al2O3, Fe2O3 and MgO, general chromite, due to the presence of magnesium and iron, often to (Mg, Fe) Cr2O3.

Above for commonly used refractory raw material, with the innovation of refractory technology, its various kinds of raw materials is more, especially in recent years, because environmental problems and the ore resources, and a series of reasons, continuously to develop better performance of synthetic materials and renewable resources more environmental protection raw materials (such as silicon nitride, theron, etc.).

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