refractory materials sales market in 2018

At present, the main manufacturers of refractory materials are concentrated in RHI, VESUVIUS, KROSAKI, SHINAGAWA, Imerys, HWI, MORGAN CRUCIBLE, SAINT-GOBAIN, Minteq, Resco, Yingkou Qinghua Group, Puyang Refractories, Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories, Beijing Li Refractories, Jinlong Group and Jiangsu Sujia. RHI is a global leader with a production market share of 6.61% in 2018.

refractory materials sales market in 2018

China is the largest refractory sales market, with sales exceeding 16.81 million tons in 2018 and sales of 88.5 billion yuan. Europe is the second largest sales market. The compound annual growth rate of sales from 2014 to 2019 was 3.44%.

In application, the downstream industrial refractories are extensive, and recently refractories have become more and more important in various fields of steel, cement, non-ferrous metals, glass, energy and chemical industry. Globally, the refractory market is mainly driven by the growth of steel demand. In 2018, steel accounted for nearly 57.27% of the global total downstream consumption of industrial refractory materials.

In the future, due to the increase in applications, the global market is expected to grow. Therefore, the output of refractory materials will show a steady growth trend in the next few years. In 2025, the output of refractories is estimated at 52.362 million tons. In terms of product prices, with the increase in demand for high-quality products in recent years, it will maintain a slow upward trend in the future.

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