1. Electrode paste management

The shape can be block, cylindrical, or spherical. The electrode paste should be stored daily to prevent dust and cover the upper part of the electrode shell to prevent face (below 10 mm) during use, the height of the paste column is balanced and stable, and timely adjustments are made in different seasons and different furnace conditions. Electrode paste should be inspected in batches when entering the factory to ensure stability, and do not use if it is unqualified.

2. When electrode sintering is abnormal

All factors that affect the sintering speed must be adjusted in time, and they must be adjusted at the same time.

3. The electrode is lowered

The electrodes are discharged evenly according to the shift to ensure a reasonable working end of the electrodes. Know the electrode lowering interval under different conditions, as well as the electrode lowering amount and maximum lowering amount each time.

4. Dead phase roasting speed

The early stage is slow and the later stage is fast. According to different sintering lengths, the fastest burning speed is guaranteed and the vicious circle is avoided. At the same time, the dead-phase electrode is of poor quality, so it is necessary to strengthen the rush release to avoid hard breaking and excessive consumption of the electrode, which may cause the electrode to be too short.

Related technology of electrode paste

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