RP Graphite Electrode Introduction :

Graphite Electrode takes the high quality petroleum coke, needle coke, coal tar as raw material after the process of kneading, molding, baking and pressing. And then it was treated with impregnation and subsequent graphitized at 2500ºC, was produced by mechanical processing again.

The diamter of our RP HP SHP and UHP graphite electrode is 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm with length 1500mm, 1800mm, 2400mm and 2700mm.

Property :

1. Low resistivity

2. Good conductivity

3. Low ash

4. Compact and uniform structure

5. Good oxidation resistance

6. Mechanical strength

Application :

It was commonly used in electric arc furnace and smelting furnace to smelting all kinds of alloy steel.

It also can be used in producing the industrial silicon, phosphor, quartz glass, corundum, rare earth and other industrial production.

RP Graphite Electrode

Product Advantages :

Full range of carbon materials, graphite materials, refactories and water treatment materials products and solutions;

Supreme Quality system;


Product Specification :

Item Unit Graphite Electrode
φ300-φ800mm φ300-φ800mm φ300-φ500mm φ550-φ800mm
Typical Value Typical Value Typical Value Typical Value
Resistivity Electrode μΩm 7.0-10.0 5.8-6.6 4.5-5.8 4.6-5.8
Nipple 4.0-4.5 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0
Modulus of Rupture Electrode Mpa 8.0-10.0 10.0-13.0 10.0-14.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 19.0-22.0 20.0-23.0 20.0-24.0 22.0-26.0
Young’s Modulus Electrode GPa 7.0-9.3 8.0-12.0 9.0-13.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 12.0-14.0 14.0-16.0 15.0-18.0 16.0-19.0
Bulk Density Electrode g/cm3 1.53-1.56 1.64-1.68 1.68-1.74 1.70-1.74
Nipple 1.70-1.74 1.75-1.80 1.78-1.82 1.80-1.84
CTE (100-600ºC) Electrode 10-6/ºC 2.2-2.6 1.6-1.9 1.1-1.4 1.1-1.4
Nipple 2.0-2.5 1.1-1.4 0.9-1.2 0.9-1.2
Ash % 0.5 0.3 0.3 0.3

About Graphite Electrode Group

a. 25 years experience in the field of carbon graphite electrode

b. manufacturer, not trading company, no middleman earn price difference

c. Quality assured with moderate price

d. Professional technological guidance of our engineers

e. Best after service for every customer

f. Large produce capacity with 200,000MT per year

g. Short delivery time

Powerful R&D technical strength;

Over 20 years of carbon and metallurgical industry expertise;

ISO 9001:2008 certified;

Owns proprietary intellectual property rights;

Possessing advanced technics and production process;

Guidance of Using Graphite Electrode

Being hard and brittle, artificial graphite electrode shall be specially handed. Proper operation may reduce the consumption and cost.

1.Use special hoist tools to hoist graphite electrode. It is strictly forbidden to prize electrode ends up with crowbar. It must be handle with graphite care during transportation to avoid damage.

2. Graphite electrode must be kept away from being moistened or wetted by rain, snow and water, and must be kept dry. It must be dried in the furnace before use. The drying temperature in the furnace shall be less than 100ºC. The drying period shall be not less than 48 hours.

3. Not to be stored up near clay, slag etc. to avoid surface pollution and increasing resistivity.

4. Carefully checking before connection, make sure that the socket and nipple thread is not

damaged, nipple pitch plug is in. Nipple screw shall not be damaged during lifting.

5. Blow the nipple and socket threads with compressed air.

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