Several uses of brown corundum

Several uses of brown corundum

(1) Due to the properties of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, etc., the sliding nozzle of pouring steel is used to smelt rare precious metals, special alloys, ceramics, and the lining (wall and pipe) of ironmaking blast furnaces; physical and chemical utensils, spark plugs, resistant Thermal oxidation resistant coating.

(2) Due to the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, and high strength, in the chemical system, it is used as parts of various reaction vessels and pipelines, and chemical pumps; as mechanical parts, various molds, such as wire drawing dies, Squeeze pencil core mold nozzles, etc.; make knives, mold abrasives, bulletproof materials, human joints, sealing mold rings, etc.

(3) Corundum insulation materials, such as corundum lightweight bricks, corundum hollow spheres and fiber products, are widely used in the walls and roofs of various high-temperature furnaces, which are both high temperature resistant and thermal insulation. Brown corundum grain size sand is made by hand-selected brown corundum blocks and processed by roller, ball mill, Barmac and other equipment. The grain size is F8-F325. It is mainly used for polishing, grinding, industrial grinding, etc.

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