The quality of the electrode paste is very important to the normal operation of the mine thermoelectric furnace. Therefore, although the production process of the electrode paste is relatively simple, it must not be taken lightly. If the electrode paste uses unqualified raw materials, or the mixing is not uniform, or the amount of binder does not meet the requirements, the produced electrode paste will experience soft and hard breaks during use, which will not only cause malfunction of the mine thermoelectric furnace , It may also cause more serious consequences and lead to the suspension of production.

Soft break means that the electrode paste is burnt when it is lowered near the furnace surface when it is not fired, and the unsintered electrode paste flows out; hard break means that the electrode paste has been fired, but due to the electrode paste. There is a crack on the column or the mechanical strength of the motor is low, which causes the electrode to break.

Soft and hard breaking of electrode paste during use

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