Graphite electrode

Electrode Paste

Mechanical properties of silicon carbide

Silicon carbide is a kind of synthetic carbide with molecular formula of SiC. It is usually formed of silicon dioxide and carbon at a high temperature of 2000. D egree.

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What should be paid attention to in casting carburizer?

The traditional smelting method is similar to cupola smelting, which uses pig iron, recycled materials, scrap steel, ferroalloy, etc. as metal furnace materials

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Melting absorption rate of graphite carburizer

In order to avoid the slow melting and heating time of graphite carburizer, scrap steel and carburizer are added in batches during the batching process

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Understand the porosity in the casting

Reduce the amount of scrap steel to reduce the amount of nitrogen brought in. In addition, increasing the carbon equivalent will also reduce the equilibrium nitrogen content.

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