Test the temperature of electrode paste, and the current is smelted through the arc generated in the electrode input furnace

People first pay attention to ash content in the index inspection of electrode paste, and should be updated to pay attention to specific resistance first. Because the purpose of electrode paste is to make conductive materials, and the index of conductive materials should first pay attention to the specific resistance. Although there is a certain correlation between ash content and specific resistance, it is not always positive. The relationship between ash content and specific resistance is affected by many factors, such as material itself, ash composition, processing temperature, material ratio, product density, etc. Even the same material (the same ash content) has different specific resistance at different temperatures. The softening point of coal tar pitch should not be fixed at about 80, but should be appropriately higher at about 90. Some electrode paste manufacturers specially configure coal tar to reduce the softening point of coal tar pitch. The electrode paste produced by adding coal tar is not only difficult to use, but also sometimes causes major quality accidents. Practice has proved that properly increasing the softening point of coal tar pitch is very beneficial to improve the quality of electrode paste. Foreign carbon enterprises produce electrode paste for modified asphalt, with a softening point of about 105.

The utility model relates to an electrode paste baking temperature tester, which comprises a temperature acquisition module, an amplification module, an analog-to-digital conversion module, a single-chip microcomputer and a voice playback module connected in turn.

Further, the temperature acquisition module is a nickel chromium nickel silicon thermocouple.

Further, the amplifying module is a temperature transmitter of the heating resistance.

Further, it also includes an LED display module connected with the single chip microcomputer.

Further, it also includes a key and an alarm module connected with the single chip microcomputer.

Further, the voice playback module includes a * single chip microcomputer and a voice chip, and the single chip microcomputer is connected with the * single chip microcomputer.

Test the temperature of electrode paste

The utility model fills the blank of on-line testing the temperature of electrode paste when the self baking electrode is running in the electric furnace. The utility model can detect and display the temperature value in real time, and can effectively prevent the soft and hard electrode breaking accidents of the conductive electrode. The electrode paste can withstand high temperature and has a small coefficient of thermal expansion. It has a relatively small resistance coefficient, which can reduce the loss of electric energy. With small porosity, the heated electrode can be oxidized slowly. With high mechanical strength, the electrode will not break due to the influence of mechanical and electrical loads. The current is smelted by the electric arc generated by the electrode input into the furnace. The electrode plays a very important role in the whole electric furnace. Without it, the electric furnace cannot play a role. In order to make the electrode work normally under the temperature generated by the arc, it needs to have a high degree of oxidation resistance and conductivity, which is only possible for the electrode made of carbon material, because the carbon electrode can withstand the arc temperature of 3500 ℃ and only oxidize slowly.

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