As we all know, sandblasting abrasives are consumables, but sandblasting abrasives play a pivotal role in the field of sandblasting. Since the rise of sandblasting abrasives, it has also driven the rapid development of the sandblasting industry. When it comes to sandblasting, many people will think of garnet, which is true, but brown corundum has a long history as sandblasting, so why choose brown corundum for sandblasting?

Brown corundum is a natural environmentally friendly abrasive. Because of its high hardness, good toughness, high specific gravity and no harmful substances, it occupies a pivotal position in the sandblasting industry. The proportion of sandblasting in process uses is divided into 5%. Therefore, it can be seen that the status of brown corundum is also becoming more and more stable.

Advantages of brown corundum sandblasting

1. Strong security

Compared with traditional abrasive materials, Qianjiaxin refractory brown corundum is non-toxic and harmless. The interior does not contain harmful substances such as silicosis, toxic heavy metals or radioactive pollutants.

2. Fast

Brown corundum will hit the surface of an object with sharp edges under certain pressure, so it is considered to be a very fast sandblasting method.

3. Low abrasive loss

The unique particle size of brown corundum can ensure that its particles reach a large force area when they hit the surface of an object, thereby reducing abrasive wear.

4. High specific gravity

Due to the high specific gravity of brown corundum, there is less dust during the surface sandblasting process. This can ensure the health and safety of the operators.

5. High quality

After surface treatment, brown corundum can penetrate into the caves and pits on the metal surface, and reach the exposed surface of the metal during the spraying process. Therefore, it can be said that the surface quality of the processed brown corundum is very high.

6. Long life and strong recovery

According to normal usage specifications, brown corundum can generally be reused 5-10 times. If the cutting ability is not lost after 10 times, the number of cycles will be more. When he can no longer cut, he can be recycled and used as a cement additive in the construction industry.

Brown corundum sandblasting use

It is mostly used for rust removal, anti-corrosion, decontamination, deoxidation, delustering, and effect patterns of various workpieces. Generally speaking, the factors that determine the effect of sandblasting are as follows:

1. Grinding force: the higher the grinding force, the better the sandblasting effect;

2. Bulk density: the higher the jealousy density, the better the sandblasting effect;

3. Dust: The lower the dust, the better the sandblasting effect.

The above are the advantages and uses of brown corundum sandblasting. Compared with garnet sand, brown corundum sandblasting may have some shortcomings, but in some industries, brown corundum sandblasting will have a better effect.

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