The difference between semi coke and metallurgical cokeThe raw materials of coke products are mainly coking coal with strong cohesiveness, such as coking coal and fat coal.
Semi-coke is produced from a single coal, and there is no need to blend coal in the production process.


Compared with ordinary coke products, semi-coke has the advantages of high fixed carbon, high specific resistivity, high chemical activity, low ash content, low sulfur, low phosphorus, and low humidity.


Ordinary coke products are mainly used in the metallurgical industry, such as blast furnace ironmaking and casting.

Semi-coke cannot be used in blast furnace production.
However, in the ferroalloy, calcium carbide, fertilizer and other industries, semi-coke can completely replace ordinary coke, and its quality is better than many national standards for metallurgical coke, foundry coke and ferroalloy special coke.
Therefore, semi-coke improves the quality of downstream products, saves energy, and has high application value in reducing production costs and increasing output. At the same time, semi-coke also has development potential in the fields of blast furnace injection, carbonized material production and activated carbon.

Production technology

Generally speaking, the technical production of coke products is mainly high-temperature dry distillation, and the dry distillation temperature usually needs to reach about 1000°C.

The production of semi-coke is mainly based on low-temperature dry distillation, and the dry distillation temperature is generally around 600°C.

The price of semi-coke and normal coke products

Due to differences in raw materials and processes, the market price of semi-coke is much lower than that of ordinary coke. Taking 2006 as an example, the market price of semi-coke was around 300 yuan/ton, and the average price of the lowest-grade coke (10-25 mm) was also around 760 yuan/ton. The relatively low market price makes semi-coke products highly competitive in the market.

Generally speaking, compared with coke, semi-coke has a wider range of applications, stronger practicability and lower cost. Therefore, semi-coke is now one of the preferred materials for alloy smelting.

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