The coke particles, powder, and residual particles are respectively weighed by the feeder and hopper scale at the bottom of the respective batching bin according to the formula requirements, and then transferred to the review scale. The screw conveyor will transport the prepared raw materials to the upper heating pot of the preheating kneader for heating. After heating the mixture to 170-180°C for 30-40 minutes, the hot mixture, raw scraps, and liquid binder asphalt are added to the kneading pot at the lower layer of the preheated kneader for kneading. The liquid asphalt is measured with an electronic funnel scale. Decrease method. The whole batching process is automatically controlled by a microcomputer.

The mixing and kneading use a double-stirring, double-heating 2000-liter preheating kneader. 2 tons of paste can be kneaded each time, and the kneading cycle is 40-50 minutes. The kneaded paste is discharged into the movable bottom paste box, and is sent into the paste uniform temperature box by the electric flatbed trolley and the bridge crane for uniform temperature treatment.

Paste molding uses a fixed desktop chain type paste molding machine. When using materials, the paste in the uniform temperature box is directly fed into the weighing hopper of the forming machine for measurement, and then into the chain forming machine. After molding, it enters the chain cooling conveyor for cooling, and the cooled electrode paste is transported to the electrode paste warehouse through the roller conveyor for storage. The unqualified electrode paste is sent to the recharging processing system by a forklift.

The kneading process of electrode paste

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