In the submerged arc furnace, there is a way to judge whether the electrode sintering is normal: if the electrode surface is found to be off-white or dark but not red, the sintering is good; if the sintering is found to be red, it is too dry; if it is black or smokey , It is sintered too soft. In our opinion, the so-called slow sintering of electrode paste must be accompanied by redness of electrode sintering. If electrode sintering is too slow, hard-breaking accidents will occur.

Generally speaking, three aspects should be considered as the cause of the accident: submerged arc furnace equipment problem; worker operation problem; electrode paste quality problem.

Because equipment problems are quantitative, the equipment under normal conditions is the same as the equipment in the event of an accident. Then we must consider the issues of worker operation and the quality of electrode paste. The daily operations of workers are not the same, such as when to increase the load, when to reduce the load, and so on.

Electrode paste quality problem: The quality of electrode paste depends on the ratio of the electrode paste raw materials. It is not very sure that the quality of electrode paste from different batches of electrode paste factory is exactly the same. In Rongxin Carbon Electrode Paste Plant, the formula of each plant is different. For long-term and stable customers, we will supply every month, and we can achieve the same quality every month.

The problem of slow sintering of electrode paste

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