1. Standard electrode paste (code name THD). Standard electrode pastes are mainly used in open-type submerged electric furnaces. One type of electrode paste is used in small and medium-sized ferroalloy furnaces and calcium carbide furnaces with open furnace surfaces. The choice is not too strict, and the raw material ash content is higher (the ash content is not more than 11%), and the medium temperature asphalt is used as the binder. The other type of electrode paste is mainly used in large open calcium carbide furnaces, with a higher current density. This type of furnace requires the electrode paste to have a higher conductivity, a faster firing rate, and the ash content of the electrode paste as low as possible (ash content Not more than 7%), so it is necessary to use raw materials with lower ash content or add appropriate amount of natural graphite or graphite fragments. In order to appropriately speed up the firing rate of the electrode paste, a certain amount of coal tar or shallot oil can be added to the medium temperature pitch, and the softening temperature of the binder can be adjusted to 60. C around.

Type and preparation of electrode paste

2. Airtight paste (code name THM). The airtight paste is a high-quality electrode paste used in an airtight submerged electric furnace. Sealing the furnace surface is the development direction of the fanatical electric furnace. After the furnace surface is sealed, a large amount of combustible gas can be recovered, which is conducive to energy saving and improving the operating environment. However, the radiant heat is greatly reduced after the furnace surface is sealed, which is not conducive to the baking of the electrode paste, so it is required to be sealed The low paste ash content (not more than 6%), high thermal conductivity and low resistivity are beneficial to increase the firing rate of the electrode paste. The production of airtight paste requires the use of high-quality anthracite raw materials, preferably electric forged anthracite, the powder is petroleum coke powder, and an appropriate amount of graphite is added, and the softening temperature of the binder coal tar pitch is appropriately lowered.

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