The ladle is responsible for the dual tasks of carrying molten steel and refining outside the furnace. With the development of steelmaking technology, our country's refractory materials for ladle have also been well developed. Especially since the 1980s, our country’s refractory material scientific research institutions, production enterprises and manufacturers have been closely cooperating and combining with my country’s national conditions to continuously develop new types of refractory materials for ladle, so that our country’s refractory materials for ladle will become faster The rapid development of my country’s steelmaking industry meets the needs of the rapid development of China’s steelmaking industry.

From the 1950s to 1970s, my country's ladle lining mainly used aluminum silicate refractory materials, including various clay bricks and high alumina bricks. Since the 1980s, my country has successively developed many series of new refractory materials for ladle, such as aluminum-magnesium (carbon), magnesia-carbon, and magnesia-calcium (carbon). Among them, aluminum-magnesium (carbon) refractories have many varieties and complete specifications, and they are the main refractories for ladle in my country.

Aluminum silicate ladle refractory material:

Clay brick, high alumina brick, high alumina ramming material, wax stone brick

Aluminum-magnesium (carbon) ladle refractories:

Aluminum-magnesium integral ramming material, aluminum-magnesium castable, aluminum-magnesium unburned brick, magnesia-aluminum spinel castable, aluminum-magnesium-carbon brick, magnesia-aluminum spinel carbon brick, high-grade aluminum-magnesium unburned brick, high-grade aluminum-magnesium ( Spinel) castable

Magnesia carbon ladle refractories: magnesia carbon bricks, low carbon magnesia carbon bricks

Refractory materials for magnesia-calcium (carbon) ladle: dolomite ramming material, unburned magnesia-calcium brick, unburned magnesia-calcium carbon brick

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