Silicon carbide products have a wide range of uses. In many aspects, silicon carbide has indispensable uses. Innovation is the basis for development. Jiangsu silicon carbide as a deoxidizer is also summed up through a large number of experiments. After more than two decades of application development, it is well-known that silicon carbide is used as a deoxidizer in the steelmaking industry. Especially in the application smelting process, after a lot of experiments, it can be concluded that silicon carbide is used for deoxidation. The reaction time is shorter than that of ferrosilicon, carbon powder and calcium carbide powder. On the one hand, it saves time, power consumption and manpower, and it also improves production efficiency.

The heat generated by the reaction of silicon carbide in the production process can better ensure the favorable progress of conditions such as desulfurization. Due to the short reduction period, it can reduce the chance of inhalation in the later stage, which can better improve the quality of molten steel.

At the same time, adding silicon carbide particles, silicon carbide balls as a deoxidizer can better reduce the appearance of dust, increase the absorption rate, protect the environment, and at the same time improve production efficiency.

It also plays a great role in reflecting the protection of the furnace wall, which can increase the life of the furnace and protect the furnace lining.

Summarizing the advantages of the above applications of silicon carbide, it can be clearly shown that the consumption of silicon carbide in the steelmaking industry is quite large, and the export records of silicon carbide show that the application of silicon carbide in foreign markets cannot be ignored.

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